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Emily Meehan, trying to make it in media, in New York

Great first-person account of the hope and hopelessness that come with moving to New York by yourself to do anything but work on Wall Street, really.

As I studied my icons' biographies on Wikipedia, I realized that Joan Didion, Hunter Thompson and Dorothy Parker were not alone with a buzzing fly in a borrowed apartment at age 26. They were out and about, working with witty peers and learning from their elders.

Many creative twentysomethings I know are happy to rent a room from someone else and live off cereal and burritos until they make their mark. Me too, but I want to feel like I'm getting somewhere while I'm doing it. I also need to know when money is coming in and how much for the sake of my own sanity.

Yet another harsh reminder that having control of your money situation is undeniably one of the four keys to living your dreams.

Full column on WSJ CollegeJournal - Free-lance Dreams Give Way to Reality

Posted by Ian Ybarra on 17 November 2006