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Pop Quiz: from the movie Rudy

Don't worry. The quiz is easy. Just read these three quick bits of dialogue from the movie Rudy and answer the two questions that follow.


RUDY: Do you know Ara is the only coach in Notre Dame history who encourages walk-on players?

RUDY'S BEST FRIEND, PETE: You probably know more about the team than half the players.

RUDY: I can't wait to get there. Guess how much money I have saved up?

PETE: Twenty?...Eighty? Fifty?

RUDY: A thousand dollars.

PETE: That's a good start!

RUDY: You're the only one who ever took me serious, Pete.

PETE: Well, you know what my dad always said. 'Having dreams is what makes life tolerable.'


RUDY: I'm going to South Bend.

RUDY'S GIRLFRIEND SHERRY: Now's not the time.

RUDY: If I don't go now, I'll never be any good for you or for me or anybody...I'm sorry.

SHERRY: Well, if you have to go, then you'll have to go alone.

RUDY: I know. I'm sorry.


RUDY'S DAD, DANIEL: Chasing a stupid dream...causes nothing but you and everyone around you heartache. Notre Dame is for rich kids...smart kids...great athletes. It's not for us. You're a Ruettiger. There's nothing wrong with that. You can have a damn nice life. Frank is gonna take over plant number two. A couple years, he'll make more than me and Johnny. He's in charge of the expansion program.

RUDY: I don't wanna be Frank or John.

Alright, time for questions.

1) Which of these three characters (Pete, Sherry, or Daniel) do you need more in your life?

2) Which character do you emulate when it comes to the dreams of your friends and family?

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Posted by Ian Ybarra on 3 April 2006