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"Sorry, I don't have business cards. I'm so sorry."

There are so many times when I meet people (especially college students) who, after asking for and receiving my card, immediately apologize for not having a card of their own. I just assure them it's okay -- because it is -- and ask them to write their contact information on my notepad or the back of an extra card I have.

But, they need to do one of two things before facing that situation again.

a) Get over it and be prepared to perform the two step procedure I just prescribed here.


b) Get business cards! (I don't think this is essential, especially for college students, but if it's going to make you feel more confident -- and we all know that at this level it's usually more about confidence than competence -- then by all means, get some business cards made.)

Three options:

1. Get the 250 free cards at VistaPrint (the plainer the better).

2. Print your own on special perforated business card paper.

3. Design your card in Word (Draw a rectangle 3.5" x 2" and overlay a text box to type in -- as done for you here but I'm sure you can get fancier) and then print it to a PDF. Take the PDF to Kinko's, tell them you want business cards made, and they'll walk you through the rest.

Posted by Ian Ybarra on 26 January 2006