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Internship opportunities

I* have several cool projects for which I’m accepting interns right now. If you or someone you know wants in on one (or two), let me know at ian*AT*ianybarra*DOT*com (*Quick bio at bottom of post if this is first you've heard of me)

Jessica's Good People – Inspired by my friend and mentee Jessica Pierce, this will be a celebration of people doing good to perpetuate Jessica's legacy and raise money for her memorial scholarship fund.

Guerrilla marketing for a baseball equipment company - Just like what Hugh Macleod is doing for English Cut and Stormhoek.

BASEBALL - several outrageous baseball projects, so if you're a baseball nut, let's talk.

Ferrazzi/NeverEatAlone projects

Spreading the word about global warming - a website/tool that will be simple but effective.

Marketing/publicity for a major business book

A web 2.0 app all about consumer brands

Writing (no need to have a laundry list of published works, just some ability and desire to improve)
Web design
(but I'll be even happier if you can do both)

These internships are unpaid, so you won't get rich, but you can get...

- new skills
- a cool work experience to show off to future employers in resumes and interviews
- recommendations from me to people I know or reference letters for grad school or scholarships or whatever you might need
- consideration for a real job with Keith Ferrazzi or with me (my last intern got a full-time offer to work for Keith)
- all the personal career advice you want

This is exactly the kind of opportunity I would have jumped on as a college student (however, I am not restricting this to college students...everyone is welcome).

If you have any interest in doing a cool project related to baseball, Web 2.0, nonprofits, media, book publishing, blogs, business gurus, community building, product creation, marketing, etc...let me know.

* BIO BULLETS and other relevant stuff I've done
- Grew up on baseball, football, and wrestling in Smallville, Kansas
- Attended college at MIT, studied materials science and engineering
- Advised an entrepreneurship class for four years
- Helped start largest internship program at MIT
- Had internships at GE Aircraft Engines and IncTank Ventures
- Wrote for Inc. magazine
- Helped to edit and market Keith Ferrazzi's bestselling book NEVER EAT ALONE
- Got a contract with a top publisher to co-author book to help companies recruit college students for internships and full-time jobs
- Helped brother get into Stanford and get internship at Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
- Helped Mike get internship at Easton Sports, where they "don't hire interns"
- Helped Ben muster the guts to quit a master's degree program in something he didn't love and move from Smallville to Nashville to pursue his music dreams
- Helped many more people start thinking about doing what they love by writing at http://ianybarra.com/blog
And more...

Contact ian*AT*ianybarra*DOT*com

Posted by Ian Ybarra on 29 August 2006