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"Sorry, I don't have business cards. I'm so sorry."

There are so many times when I meet people (especially college students) who, after asking for and receiving my card, immediately apologize for not having a card of their own. I just assure them it's okay -- because it is -- and ask them to write their contact information on my notepad or the back of an extra card I have.

But, they need to do one of two things before facing that situation again.

a) Get over it and be prepared to perform the two step procedure I just prescribed here.


b) Get business cards! (I don't think this is essential, especially for college students, but if it's going to make you feel more confident -- and we all know that at this level it's usually more about confidence than competence -- then by all means, get some business cards made.)

Three options:

1. Get the 250 free cards at VistaPrint (the plainer the better).

2. Print your own on special perforated business card paper.

3. Design your card in Word (Draw a rectangle 3.5" x 2" and overlay a text box to type in -- as done for you here but I'm sure you can get fancier) and then print it to a PDF. Take the PDF to Kinko's, tell them you want business cards made, and they'll walk you through the rest.

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Now on the NeverEatAlone blog

I'm writing some on the Never Eat Alone blog now.

Two things you should read.

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-- Reasons you should reach out to a new contact today even if you wish you had done it two months ago.

A party for the ages -- The lowdown on my friend Gabe Rosen's birthday party that was cool because of (not despite!) old people!

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10 Questions To Get The Truth

I can't stand when I ask people what they really want to do and they won't answer. They sit silently, thinking about their excuses for why they can't do what they want to do. They all have different excuses, and they won't tell me what they are, so I have to go fishing. Here are 10 questions I ask to get the real answer.

What would you do...

1. if you had a billion dollars? (Now money is no object.)

2. if your parents were completely supportive of any path you chose? (Now your parents can't make you do something.)

3. if your older sibling(s) weren't so successful? (Now you're not trying to live up to something you're not.)

4. if your friends weren't all going to work in finance (or another industry)? (Now you're not letting peer pressure pistol whip you.)

5. if we could all travel at the speed of thought? (Now you can live where you want and work where you want, no problem.)

6. if you had graduated from the best college in the world? (Now you're not paralyzed by a lack of the "perfect" brand--whatever that is.)

7. if you had gotten perfect grades in school? (Now you're not hung up on GPA.)

8. if you could start doing it tomorrow? (Now you're not worried about stress on your family or paying your bills during a transition period.)

9. if you had started doing it back when you wish you had? (Now you're not thinking it's too late start now.)

10. What would you do if you could do anything you wanted? (Because you can.)

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