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The VP who quit to become an actor

Just read this in Men's Health. Guy's name is Steve Belanger.

I must admit, my life had been pretty comfortable. I was a vice president--one of hundreds, but still--at one of the largest corporations in the world. There was a lot of room for advancement. I had a nice office, an enormous expense account, and plenty of perks. I played more free golf on the country's top courses than my 19 handicap deserved.

And I don't need to tell you how tough it is to become an actor. There are just shy of a gazillion actors in America trying out for seven roles. I know because they all cram into small, windowless waiting rooms every time I go out for an audition. And screen-writing, my backup dream, is even harder to break into. Walk into any Starbucks in New York or L.A. and ask for a script, and you'll have baristas coming at you as if you're an unclaimed acre in Sooner territory.

So why would I, by all accounts a reasonably intelligent person, take such a huge risk?

I wasn't happy.

Three things to do now.

1. Read the whole article Men's Health - "Why I Quit My 6-figure Job"

2. Learn more about Steve at his website and this hilarious bio/story about his career actually living The Office.

3. Whatever it takes to make sure that when you're 38, your bio doesn't start with the line After a sixteen-year, soul-crushing career as a corporate executive... (Steve's bio)

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