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Dance like nobody's watching

So proud of my friend Beau. Now performing with several professional companies in New York, he tells the Lawrence Journal-World how hard it was to overcome societal pressures to do what he loves.

Beau Hancock lived in fear of those stereotypes as a boy growing up in the small southwest Kansas town of Hugoton. He was afraid of being teased. Afraid of being dubbed a sissy or called gay.

“For years I denied that I danced,” says Hancock, who studied dance at Kansas University and now performs professionally in several New York companies. “When I had to leave sports practice early to drive to dance class, which was in a nearby town, I would lie about where I was going, even though all my friends knew. I was embarrassed, and especially in elementary and middle school, I was teased.”

Link: Lawrence Journal-World - "It's a man's whirl"

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