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In the Boston Globe

I'm in the cover story of the Boston Works section today (that's me in the blue, my friend Chris who built the largest internship program at MIT is in the black). It's about how mentors can help jumpstart your career.

Link: Boston Sunday Globe - "Find someone to watch over you"

Or if that doesn't work, try the writer's blog at
Link: Penelope Trunk - "Get good mentors by building relationships"

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Andy Byrnes, baseball bat maker

I knew nothing about woodworking when I started.

He just knew he loved baseball. Now he's worked five years at Sambat, the company known for its maple bats that Barry Bonds and Albert Pujols use.

Link: Popular Mechanics - "This is My Job: Baseball Bat Maker"

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Emily Meehan, trying to make it in media, in New York

Great first-person account of the hope and hopelessness that come with moving to New York by yourself to do anything but work on Wall Street, really.

As I studied my icons' biographies on Wikipedia, I realized that Joan Didion, Hunter Thompson and Dorothy Parker were not alone with a buzzing fly in a borrowed apartment at age 26. They were out and about, working with witty peers and learning from their elders.

Many creative twentysomethings I know are happy to rent a room from someone else and live off cereal and burritos until they make their mark. Me too, but I want to feel like I'm getting somewhere while I'm doing it. I also need to know when money is coming in and how much for the sake of my own sanity.

Yet another harsh reminder that having control of your money situation is undeniably one of the four keys to living your dreams.

Full column on WSJ CollegeJournal - Free-lance Dreams Give Way to Reality

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Office space sucking the life out of creative young people

Stever's story of a college kid turned everyman and the corporation transforming his life from a verb into a noun will make you want to run away from cubicles as fast as you can.

Link: SteverRobbins.com - "What's My Age Again?"

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Kal Kaur Rai, Fashion Designer

Kal Kaur Rai, who was once too nervous to mention it to her parents that she had ventured into the fashion business, has won the Young Achiever category at the Asian Business Awards...

...In the beginning, Rai did not know how her parents would react to her chosen career.

"I did a university management degree and I was concerned they would say that they had not paid for my education to waste it on clothes," said Rai, who runs her own shop just off Oxford Circus...

Read more on Despardes.com

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Cure for the college student's laziness

I can't stand that so many college students only apply for jobs advertised on their campus.

I ask them why, and they say they don't know what else is out there.

I tell them not to worry about what else is out there and to just look for what they want to do, and they say, naturally, But I don't know what I want to do. Because I don't know what else is out there.

I understand how at 18 or 20 or 65 there's no way to know about every job in the world, but the only way you'll learn about some of the jobs that currently exist (and that still doesn't account for the 50% of jobs that don't exist until you do them) is to ask people about their jobs and to read about people's jobs.

Then they say they don't have time to get in touch with interesting professionals or to look up good stuff to read about cool jobs.

Given that whether they find work they like will impact their lives more than anything else in the coming years, I'm tempted to say they're lazy and they just don't get it. But I also know that most of the best and brightest college students are way overworked.

So, I'm going to do it for them.

I'm going to start posting every great career story and personal profile my friends and I run across, stuff we talk about all the time, the stuff that's helped me and others I know learn about so many cool jobs out there that help us decide what we want to do.

So for you and anyone you know who wants to discover your dream job or get the info you need to piece one together for yourself, but you don't have time to go hunting for everything yourself, this is the place to tune in.

Here's the first thing for you to read.

"Get a Job!" - an abandoned archive at CampusProgress.org of well-written profiles of young people launching awesome careers, including the

- how a guy got a bigtime journalism job by starting a blog
- how a boy named Peter became the youngest writer at The Onion
- how a young woman named Liz Drew "went from sitting on a milk crate in Chicago to working for Senator Obama in Washington," which I promise will get your attention with this introduction...

This edition of Get a Job will begin with a simple question, a brief query that should establish whether Liz Drew’s occupation is cooler than yours: Has Barack Obama ever brought you a cake with a picture of yourself on it, then proceeded to lead the room in a vigorous rendition of Happy Birthday? No? Well then, maybe you could be doing better.

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